City Centre Mirdif, Say ‘Welcome’ to Döner & Gyros!

Döner & Gyros

City Centre Mirdif, Say ‘Welcome’ to Döner & Gyros!

Say hello to the new member of Döner & Gyros family – the City Centre Mirdif branch!

Just yesterday, May 14, 2018, marks another milestone that Döner & Gyros has overcome.  Yesterday, they have yet again opened a new branch in the popular City Centre Mirdif, Dubai.

The City Centre Mirdif is famous for its different amenities and entertainment experience. In fact, they have their own indoor skydiving, wall climbing, bowling, and shopping brands that are over 260 in total! The mall is good for all members of the family because it has attractions that people of all ages will truly enjoy. It is indeed one of the malls that you must visit in Dubai.

Döner & Gyros is palpably aiming to reach many customers through their expansion endeavors. They have successfully opened a number of new branches internationally within the first trimester of 2018 – a proof that they are not resting in delivering world-class meals to all their faithful customers, wherever they may be.

Aside from that, they have also been enhancing their menu and been presenting new meals like Manila Meal – another evidence of flexible they are when it comes to the tasty meals that they give in all their branches worldwide.

Subsequently, Döner & Gyros don’t show any sign of rest in providing the best Chicago Gyros and Berlin Döner to all their customers. Aside from their two signature dishes, they also offer an array of foods and meals that will be enjoyed by your whole family.

And since they are already available in some popular malls in Dubai like the Dubai Mall and City Centre Mirdif, they will be more accessible to all who wants to satisfy their cravings for Döner & Gyros. If you are busy with your daily tasks, however, you can also opt for their online menu and have your meals delivered at your doorstep.

If you are also interested in being their franchisee and achieve the same success that they are experiencing now along with their reliable franchisees, you can check out their franchise opportunities and see how you can be a part of their growing family. Döner & Gyros surely know how to help you succeed in the fast food restaurant industry and share with you all the knowledge that you need, in order to prosper.


To know more about Döner & Gyros, check out their website and see their menus here as well