Come and Visit Our New Döner & Gyros Branch at Mall of the Emirates!

MOE branch opening

Come and Visit Our New Döner & Gyros Branch at Mall of the Emirates!

Mark your calendars – because three days from now, another Döner & Gyros Branch is set to open its doors to the public in one of the best malls in the UAE, Mall of the Emirates!

Mall of the Emirates (also known as MOE) has world-class amenities like the Ski Dubai and other high-end fashion stores. Even the environment and establishments around MOE boasts sophistication and class – truly one of a kind and an exciting place to be in.

Renowned brands from all over the world can be seen inside MOE – even restaurants and fast food chains are gathered here.

Since Döner and Gyros offer unceasing and reliable franchise opportunities in the UAE, many aspiring businesspeople are enthralled to be partners with us. Within the half of 2018, Döner & Gyros has successfully opened numerous branches from all over the world – proving our prominence and distinction from other fast food restaurants in the UAE.

At Döner & Gyros, you will find all delicious meals and snacks. Our signatures are Berlin Döner & Chicago Gyros – authentic tastes of the famous döner and gyros from the streets of Berlin and Chicago. In addition to that, we offer wraps, salads, platters, sides, desserts, and kids’ meals that are being sought after by customers of different ages.

We at Döner & Gyros always step up to our game – making effective marketing strategies that can increase our brand awareness and income sales altogether, while also making sure that we are giving the best kind of service and loyalty program to our customers. The weekly offers, for example, gives chances for all the consumers to avail Döner & Gyros’ meals easily and conveniently.

Even our online menu at Döner & Gyros is a good representation of our utter aim to make things convenient and easy for our customers – getting Döner & Gyros closer to them; which is why if you are looking for franchise opportunities in Dubai or even outside the UAE, it’s always worth it to include Döner & Gyros in your successful goals and ambitions.

In few days, Döner & Gyros will have a soft opening at the Mall of the Emirates, Ground Level next to Carrefour. Join Döner & Gyros as we start a new adventure that will surely embark a good future ahead.