Döner & Gyros – One Of The Best Newcomer Restaurant!

Döner & Gyros – One Of The Best Newcomer Restaurant!

The time has come to crown the kings and queens of the kebab industry. Just recently, the 7th British Kebab Awards took place in the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel.

At the awards night, over 1200 guests were present – MPs, politicians, and House of Lords were included in this number. It was a relevant event, as the public voted amongst 5000 local restaurants and only the best of the best stood out. It is said that the kebab industry contributes an astonishing £2.8 billion to the economy.

The market has already shown its love for döner kebab over the last few years. It became somewhat popular and sought-after ever since it emerged into the market. Through the years, kebabs were turned into different flavors and presentations. Different countries presented kebab in various ways.

In the UK, where the 7th British Kebab Awards was held, kebab shops were also rampant and annually, these shops are ranked and rewarded. This year, the top 24 kebab shops are crowned as the best newcomers in the market.

The event was filled with entertainment and bliss – there were live dances and music. The crowd was satisfied and entertained the whole night. Among the attendees was Jeremy Corbin, who is a vegetarian himself but is also a fan of kebabs and the holistic growth that the kebab shops have contributed to the economy.

‘Immigrants work hard, pay their taxes and make a net contribution to the UK economy. It’s not where you are from, but what you bring that matters. Immigrants put the Great into Great Britain’. Corbin mentioned.

Döner & Gyros, being as competitive as it is, was also hailed as one of the best – Döner & Gyros in Aylesbury, Buckingham Street won in the competition, but with their fast-paced global expansion, it should be no surprise to the public that they were even in the running.

Being amongst the winners is a significant endeavor for Döner & Gyros’ presence in the market. This proves that we never cease in excelling and striving hard to become better for the sake of our faithful customers as well as living up to their expectations in giving them the best döner kebab in Dubai.

Döner & Gyros is a prominent restaurant in Dubai. We opened our doors to the public since 2014 and due to our effective strategies and fruitful franchise opportunities in Dubai, we expanded all around the UAE, Middle East, and all over the world. We helped aspiring entrepreneurs and assisted them in building their dreams and make it to reality.

At Döner & Gyros, we don’t only serve sumptuous and savory meals; we also act as mediators and bridge those who want to have their own franchise of Döner & Gyros. Our franchise opportunities in Dubai are open to all – all you have to do is contact us. We will discuss everything and we will assist you all throughout the process – who knows, your branch might also win awards in the future.

Winning in the 7th British Kebab Awards has put Döner & Gyros in such a strategic position in the market. We are always grateful for your never-ending support to Döner & Gyros and our team assures that we will never stop in exceeding your expectations.

Please feel free to visit our branches all over the UAE and internationally – allow yourself to indulge with the best döner kebab in Dubai, order your meal now even online!