End Plastic Pollution and Celebrate Earth Day at Döner and Gyros!

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End Plastic Pollution and Celebrate Earth Day at Döner and Gyros!

The World Earth Day this year will occur on April 22, 2018 – the theme for this celebration is “End Plastic Pollution” and since the date is drawing near, preparations from all over the world are on-going and much more heightened.

Celebrating the World Earth Day started in the year 1970. It was the day when millions of people protested against the negative effects of the industrial development and from that day on, different environmental issues became the topic of each year’s World Day celebration.

In Dubai, the Dubai Municipality participates in this event often, to educate and make people participate in all activities that can emphasize the awareness of these issues. Steps to encourage the citizens to take care of the environment, for example, are discussed and included in the activities and events that are held by the Dubai Municipality.

Since this year’s theme is “End Plastic Pollution”, information regarding the poisoning and deterioration of marine life will be deliberated. People will be inspired to reduce this growth of plastic pollution and be given several steps on how they can help in diminishing this environmental problem.

For sure, there will be a lot of events that different organizations will provide the people on April 22nd and because of the busy day ahead; you will need some place that can fill your stomachs. You can come to Döner and Gyros and satisfy your cravings for authentic and tasty döner and gyros.

Döner and Gyros, like many other organizations around UAE and all over the world, will participate in celebrating the World Earth Day. Even us can make every day like Earth Day with the simplest things that we can do to reduce the litter that we consume each day and avoid throwing trash into the bodies of water.

And since Döner and Gyros have recently opened to a number of branches recently like in Sharjah, Mecca, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and many more, you can come to us anytime, anywhere, after your long day of celebrating the World Earth Day.

You can try our famous döner and gyros or our new Nutella döner. You can try anything – we guarantee that you won’t regret it! We’ll make sure that you will have the best meal of the day after you celebrate World Earth Day with your family or friends on April 22nd.

You can check out our menu here https://www.donerandgyros.com/menu or order online on our website if you plan to eat and have quality time with your family at home. Call us at 800-DNG(364), anytime!