The First Franchisee Conference from Döner and Gyros

doner & gyros conference

The First Franchisee Conference from Döner and Gyros

Last April 4, 2018, the first-ever Franchisee Conference from Döner and Gyros occurred at Novotel Al Barsha, Dubai.

In the conference, a great number of franchisees attended and different topics were discussed. It was Mr. Nabi Naseeb who opened the meeting and was later on followed by Mr. Munther Qali for the first part of the session.

Mr. Munther focused on the development of Döner and Gyros. He deliberated their upcoming branches this 2018 to 2019. He said that they aim to make the brand of Döner and Gyros stronger than ever.

Hence, the franchisees will grow in number as well and as a franchisee, they have certain roles and tasks that they should execute.

Mr. Munther furthermore discussed the SWOT analysis of Döner and Gyros – their strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that they encounter through the years.

Afterwards, Ms. Marjan Kalhor explained the makeover (or the new look) of Döner and Gyros – she expounded all the changes and new stratagems that Döner and Gyros will use in their current market, as well as their goal to implement phenomenology to strengthen the brand identity of Döner and Gyros and make it distinctive compared to the other restaurants. They aim to create a modern and relaxed design that is strong enough to mark Döner and Gyros as distinguishable in the market.

Mr. Walid continued with the genuine vision and mission of Döner and Gyros, and all the profits and loss that they have experienced since their launch. He also explained that they are practicing the culture of accountability with the goal of helping and supporting the franchisees especially with recruitment and management of profit and loss.

Speaking of recruitment, the training challenges and staff promotion was furthermore conferred by Mr. Oliver Brant-Galensky. Encompassed in this topic is Döner and Gyros’ Store Training Program that occurred last March 2018 which involves new training techniques that helped franchisers to know which aspects of the operation should they focus on to achieve effective business processes.

And at the second part of the conference, Mr. Umed highlighted the marketing and web services that Dow Group Business Solutions are doing for them. He explained how Dow Group increased inbound and outbound marketing activities like their SEO engagements and conversions, how it managed to create an online ordering for their website, as well as attracting leads and customers through their social media marketing and blogs and press release articles that are posted in their site.

Subsequently, a roundtable discussion was done. In this discourse, franchisees’ questions and inquiries were accommodated by Döner and Gyros’ leaders.

Indeed, the first ever Franchisee Conference from Döner and Gyros was a wrap – it was successful and most franchisees learned a lot from the conference.

We thank everyone who attended the Franchisee Conference and we are hoping to work with you in the future.