Friesy Gyro – a new kind of gyro from Döner and Gyros!

friesy gyro

Friesy Gyro – a new kind of gyro from Döner and Gyros!

Looking for authentic Berlin Döner and classic Chicago Gyros? Look no further because Döner and Gyros is the right restaurant for you!

They have been serving the best döners and gyros in Dubai since they opened their doors to the public back in 2012. Since then, customers have remained faithful to them, ordering and sharing döners and gyros with their family or friends.

Their expansion and growth became visible as well. They are accessible in the Middle East, the Gulf, Europe, America, and Asia. They ’re innovative when it comes to the taste of their döners and gyros to match the local market in all the countries they are in – but one thing remains – all their meals are truly mouthwatering and satisfying.

In addition to the sumptuous meals they offer, they have just introduced their brand new Friesy Gyro – a classic gyro in Dubai with a twist! This Friesy Gyro still has the authentic taste of Chicago Gyros with the welcoming addition of french fries! It is the ultimate choice in comfort food. You can choose between Beef or Chicken for your gyro, all bundled up in a fluffy pita and crispy french fries, topped with tomato slices and smothered in traditional tzatziki sauce! This new dish from Döner and Gyros will surely be a hit to all and will become everyone’s favorite soon!

Coming up with a new dish is just one way of how Döner and Gyros can do things for the convenience and benefit of their customers. They always try to give their faithful customers a new taste, a new meal to try, and as always, it results in success.

Their online food delivery service also gives convenience to their busy customers who have no more time to get out because of their hectic schedules – through this service, customers can choose which Döner and Gyros dish they want and wait for it to be delivered at their doorstep.

If you are now curious about Döner and Gyros’ new Friesy Gyro, check out their website, and find out all the sumptuous meals that they offer, and also their Instagram, to see what this Friesy Gyro looks like!