It’s National Gyro Day – Get Your Favorite Meal at Döner & Gyros, Now!

national gyros day

It’s National Gyro Day – Get Your Favorite Meal at Döner & Gyros, Now!

First of all, what is National Gyro Day?

A lot of restaurants all over the world celebrate this annual event every 1st of September. This is the time when they become creative and organize festivities that their customers will truly enjoy.

And we, Döner & Gyros, are not going to let this special day pass by without giving treats to our faithful customers. And even if it’s just a one-day celebration, we are planning to make it long just for you!

Currently, we have a promo on our Gryos – buy 1 get 1 for free gyros in all our branches. Our promo will run from September 1st up to the 15th of September to make sure that all our customers will enjoy this joyous event.

Döner & Gyros has already been in the industry since 2012 and we never ceased in giving all the best promos, offers, deals, loyalty programs, and of course, meals to our customers all over the world. It is a knowable fact that ever since we opened our doors to the public in Dubai, our presence, later on, became present even in other countries as well.

What we always aim for is to give unsurpassed services and delightful meals to all our customers. Our strategic approach to guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction and partners’ demands are exceptional – we make sure that we meet their demands and come up with good solutions and service to both our customers and partners.

One good example is our Loyalty Program; hence, our franchise opportunities in Dubai. Through this, we get acquainted with all aspiring entrepreneurs and help them succeed in this endeavor by giving them professional advice and assistant regarding business ownership. We entrust our brand’s name to them because we know that they have the capability to succeed and we also make sure that we’ll be with them every step of the way.

Another example is our sumptuous meals. Our famous döner & gyros taste like no other – and this is the reason why our customers keep on coming back to us! Aside from that, we also take the time to offer them other meals that can satiate their palettes and enjoy mealtime with us together with their family and friends.

This new promo that we’re running during the National Gyro Day is also one good thing about us – we never stop in giving new tastes to all our customers and make sure that things are convenient for them. In fact, you can order online from our website and get your favorite meals at Döner & Gyros any time of the day.

We are always ready to give your demands – just come and visit us at Döner & Gyros anytime you want.