We Never Rest! Two New Branches of Döner and Gyros Opened!

We Never Rest! Two New Branches of Döner and Gyros Opened!

Because of your appreciation and support for Döner and Gyros, we are expanding more and more!

Döner and Gyros have actually opened two more branches in Mecca and Sharjah, respectively, last April 9 and 10. Due to the growing number of people who get lured with the delicious meals at Döner and Gyros, it has already come to this! We are not planning to stop either; it’s our aim to give our faithful customers the authentic taste of döner and gyros and all the other dishes that we offer.

Even before that, we have opened another branch at Dubai Silicon Oasis. All three grand openings were huge hits – many people came to witness our expansion in each place. We are always grateful to all who remained loyal to us and to those who are always waiting and anticipating all the future endeavors that we will do.

We take our döner and gyros to different levels – we make sure to deliver only the classic taste of both and also, we give fresh and guilt-free foods that everyone will enjoy. We even have a Street Smart Menu that is made even more affordable to all. For our menu, we added two new dishes – the Nutella döner and the Friesy Gyro that is now consumed by most of our customers. They all surely loved both – a sign and proof of how we also take our other meals to the next level.

Because of our expansion, we get to deliver our classic döner and gyros to different parts of the world – many became familiar with the sumptuous meals that we give. With our maintained effort to keep the taste of our döner and gyros from all our branches, rest assured that nothing has changed; we only become better each year.

If you wish to be a part of our family, however, you can apply for our franchise opportunities and we can help you in all the processes. We’ll guide you step by step and make sure that we will work together towards success.

To see our menu, please check https://www.donerandgyros.com/menu you can also follow and be updated with us on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/donerandgyros/, to see all the recent news like the opening of our old and upcoming branches worldwide.