Savor this new taste from Döner and Gyros, the Nutella Döner!

nutella doner

Savor this new taste from Döner and Gyros, the Nutella Döner!

Döner and Gyros is popular for its genuine Berlin Döner and succulent Chicago Gyros. It has already been years since Döner and Gyros let the world know about their authentic meals – and the current position of Döner and Gyros just shows how successful they have become over the past years.

They are popular for serving the best German Döner in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In fact, they can also be seen in UK, Lebanon, KSA, Oman, Canada, Qatar, Pakistan, and the USA; and they are expanding at an increasing rate – just recently, two new branches were opened in Ajman and Silicon Oasis respectively, and soon, Döner and Gyros will also be visible in the Indian market.

Indeed, Döner and Gyros is proving that they are more than just a restaurant. Not only do they serve döner and gyros in Dubai but other meals as well that are all perfect for each member of your family. They have the Street Smart Menu, which is truly affordable, the Friesy Gyro, a classic gyro in Dubai with fries inside, and tomorrow, April 4th, 2018, marks a new and unique meal from Döner and Gyros, the Nutella Döner!

For only 8 AED, savor the delicious chocolatey Nutella spread inside the tasty döner bread for an improved luscious flavor! Munch the crunch of the new Döner and Gyros’ Nutella Döner from all Döner and Gyros stores worldwide! This new dessert will surely become everyone’s favorite soon enough – given the fact that almost everyone loves Nutella as much as they crave for döner and gyros.

Continuous innovation of new dishes from Döner and Gyros is their way of doing all that they can to deliver the meals that they customers want. Just like their recently launched Friesy Gyro, the Nutella Döner will surely be valued by their customers as well – especially because it’s affordable and truly appetizing.

You can get it in all the Döner and Gyros branches or you can try their online food delivery service if you want to save your time.

So, mark your calendars because tomorrow, April 4th will be a good day for everyone – the new Nutella Döner from Döner and Gyros will fill your stomachs whilst you take the classic döner bread to a whole new different level!

To check out all the other meals from Döner and Gyros, check out our website and choose the ones that you’re craving for.