Say hello to the new, Street Smart Menu starting 15 AED!

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Say hello to the new, Street Smart Menu starting 15 AED!

Dubai, UAE February 8 – We can’t just get enough of Döner and Gyros, can we? It all started with a dream, a vision of a young man who also loved döners and gyros. Up to date, we are still enthralled by the sumptuous taste of the meals in this popular restaurant.

There are a lot of restaurants around UAE but what makes Döner and Gyros special? What makes it unique? Why are people craving for this particular restaurant?

Aside from its interesting story, the man behind this famous restaurant just made sure that he will bring the best foods from around the world closer to the people – none other than gyros and döner. Years of dedication and hard work were invested in making his vision come true. He sought the help of professionals and researchers just to be able to come up with Döner and Gyros, and up to date, his efforts are being paid off.

Döner and Gyros is popular for giving the best-tasting döners, gyros, wraps, pizza, salad, and other meals that can truly satisfy your cravings. They also have all-natural smoothies that are healthy for you, and snacks that can boost your appetite.

Moreover, they can be seen all over UAE and internationally as well – like in the Middle East, Gulf, Europe, America, and Asia. Indeed, Döner and Gyros had paved its way to becoming one of the best restaurants in the world.

But that doesn’t stop there – this famous restaurant turned the table around by introducing their new Street Smart Menu. This Street Smart Menu aims to capture everyone’s attention and appreciation for gyros and döners by offering the meals at very affordable prices. From 19 AED below, you will now be able to consume Berlin Wrap, Berlin Döner, Pocket Döner, and Döner Rice Bowl – your favorite meals at reasonable prices? Why not?
Döner and Gyros just wants everyone to have a taste of the two foods that are famous around the world. Döner and Gyros also does ways in order to bring you closer to your preferred meals – you can purchase their meals online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Also, with their Franchise Opportunities, you can now have your own restaurant which serves the foods of your choice.

Truly, Döner and Gyros makes sure to captivate not only their customers’ stomachs but also their hearts. Through the various offers and opportunities they provide, we can now see why it’s so popular around the world – and why it is one of the most sought-out after, among the other restaurants globally.

And with this Street Smart Menu, they have just added a new reason for people to love them.

If you are now curious about this Street Smart Menu, or if you want to dine in any Döner and Gyros near you, come visit now or go to their website at to order online and have your food delivered at your doorstep to taste their new Street Smart Menu!