The Top Places To Visit and Do in Los Angeles! (#5 is a MUST!)

LA Branch opening doner and gyros

The Top Places To Visit and Do in Los Angeles! (#5 is a MUST!)

Los Angeles, California – one of the most famous states in North America, the home of Hollywood Stars and the perfect place to get that sun-kissed tan you’ve always dreamt of!

Most people would love to visit LA because of its famous and world-class attractions – residents and tourists alike just can’t get enough of the beauty of Los Angeles at any time of the year!

If you are about to visit the city anytime soon, here are the things that you should do to make the most out of your stay in Los Angeles, California!

1. Venice Beach

If you are a fan of the sea breeze and the sunny shore, then the perfect place for you is Venice Beach! It’s the epicenter of the Bohemian and eccentric spirit of California, making it one of the most visited areas in LA. The beach has transformed throughout the years but its beauty and natural allure just keep on luring people in!

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Of course, everyone knows about the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are already almost 2500 names embarked on the pink terrazzo shimmered in gold lettering. There are several galas, events, and essential shops also surrounding the Walk of Fame. You will never get tired of walking and looking for your favorite star’s name but enjoy the scenic views as well.

3. Rodeo Drive (Shopping Area)

Who doesn’t love shopping? If you love designer brands, boutiques, and flagship stores, there is a $200M ersatz European walkway, the Rodeo Drive, which is the right place for you. This luxurious place is surely for serious spenders!

4. Downtown L.A

Amidst the modern and contemporary architecture of USA like LA, you can come face to face with its architectural heritage and beautiful buildings in Downtown. There are historic places you can visit and popular ones as well – just make sure to book your visit in advance because there are lots of people who want to get the dibs!

5. Try the newly opened Döner and Gyros

If you haven’t heard yet, there is an all-new fast food chain that is coming to the heart of California – Döner and Gyros, the number one provider of the best döner in Dubai, has finally landed in the USA, specifically in Los Angeles!

Döner and Gyros strived hard to be on the position they are in right now – they do their best and deliver reliable franchise opportunities to be able to serve our faithful customers all over the world; hence, allowing us to have various branches globally!

Our newest Döner and Gyros L.A Branch will be opened on November 21st and this will be the mark of our new endeavor on serving the best döner kebab in Dubai, but this time, in North America!

We are deeply pleased to announce this news to you and also grateful for our never-ending support for Döner and Gyros! Please do come and visit our LA branch if you live in LA, and taste our fresh and sumptuous meals that are truly worthy its value!

We, Döner and Gyros are an emerging street food business and are more than excited to serve the residents of LA with our classic döner and gyros!