You’ll Love Döner & Gyros’ New Dish – the Manila Meal – You Surely Will!

manila meal

You’ll Love Döner & Gyros’ New Dish – the Manila Meal – You Surely Will!

Summer is just around the corner – are you ready for another meal from Döner & Gyros that will surely quench your cravings?

Clearly, Döner & Gyros are doing everything they can to satisfy all their customers. Starting from giving super affordable offers, opening branches to different parts of the world, and up to creating new dish and meals that they know their customers will love. Indeed, with more than a decade of service, Döner & Gyros have proved that they deserve to be in the position that they are right now.

They are among one of the best and sought after fast food chains in the UAE – in fact they can also be seen in different parts of the world and soon, they will conquer more countries. This is because of the sumptuous and authentic döner & gyros that they offer – along with the excellent service that their staffs give to all their customers and guests. Each of their staffs is trained enough to know how to treat their customers well. They set out a good example for other fast food chains all over UAE.

Recently, they announced their new dish, the Manila Meal! Based on the name itself, it is inspired from the city of Manila in the Philippines – the dish is composed of a generous amount of rice combined with tasty chicken wings and a dip that will add more flavour to it. We all know that Filipinos have this distinctive love for rice. They partner it with most of the dishes that they have in their country and this is how Döner & Gyros will deliver this Manila Meal. For sure, not only Filipinos would want to try out this new dish from Döner & Gyros but all their faithful customers as well; a new taste – but definitely one of the best.

This new endeavour from Döner & Gyros only shows that they are open to change and innovation when it comes to their meals. They can try almost everything and still, they will be able to come up with a taste that is distinctive only for Döner & Gyros. Who knows – next time they can prepare meals from different countries, as well!

For sure it’s not impossible – given the fact that they care a lot about their customers. And being situated in Dubai, wherein different cultures meet, this is actually a good thing especially for those who are far away from home. Curious now for Döner & Gyros new Manila Meal?

Check out their menu here: and check out their Instagram as well to see the latest news about Döner & Gyros,